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1 x LEOPOLDINO - I.G.T. Tuscan Maremma Vermentino
1 x CERIDA - D.O.C. Tuscan Maremma Sangiovese 
1 x POGGIO COLOMBI - D.O.C. MTuscan Maremma Cabernet

1 x PITORSINO - D.O.C. MTuscan Maremma Viognier - Seletion
1 x IL CUCCHETTO - D.O.C. Tuscan Maremma Cabernet Sauvignon- Selection 
1 x DON JOSE' - D.O.C. Tuscan Maremma Cabernet Franc - Seletion
Treat yourself to special tasting moments with our entire selection of exclusive products. In the “All Wines Tasting” Box we propose our consolidated art of winemakers, one of the leaders in the Tuscan Maremma.
Take all the time o need to grasp every single nuance of aromas and taste, told by our labels, famous all over the world.

1 "Tasting All Wines” Box of the Pepi Lignana Winery
1 x "Leopoldino" VINTAGE 2019 - 1 x "Cerida" VINTAGE 2020 - 1 x "Poggio Colombi" VINTAGE 2019- 1 x "Pitorsino" VINTAGE 2019  - 1 x "Il Cucchetto" VINTAGE 2015 1 x "Don José" VINTAGE 2018 
6 Bordeaux Bottles of  75 Cl

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14,48 €
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