Alcool 13%
Production area

Tuscan Maremma. Fattoria il Casalone. Orbetello Scalo, Grosseto.

Grapes and Vineyard

Sangiovese 100%. The manual harvest takes place in mid-September.


Fermentation and maturation in steel at a controlled temperature.
This is followed by 3 months of bottle aging.


Bright ruby ​​with purple glints. Aromas of cherry and strawberry, dark spices and aromatic herbs characteriSe a fine and greedy nose. Responding to the taste, it has smooth tannins, adequate freshness and a fruity finish at the end.


Bordeaux bottles in boxes of 6 bottles.
Limited production of 10,000 / 15,000 bottles.
Formats - Bottle 0.75 lt


Serving temperature: 16/18 ° C.
The ideal combination is with important first courses and grilled or roasted meat dishes.

the Sangiovese

It is an Italian red grape variety whose ancient origins date back to the Etruscan era with the name Sanguis Jovis (Blood of Jupiter).
Although Tuscany and Romagna are the two cradle regions of this ancient vine, Sangiovese is grown in almost all Italian regions.

The resulting wine has a ruby ​​red color, with purple veins in its youth, becoming garnet with aging.
Its aromas follow the degree of ripeness: intense and floral fruity for young wines, it becomes more complex and spicy in longer-lived wines.

  • 2023 - Yearbook of the Best Wines 2024 - Luca Maroni
    CERIDA Vintage 2022 – Tasting date July 6th 2023 - C 31 – E 31 – I 31 – IP 93

  • 2020 - Yearbook of the Best Wines 2020 - Luca Maroni
    CERIDA 2018 - Annual Tasting Card 2020
    Vintage 2018 – Tasting date July 2019 - C 31 – E 29 – I 31 – IP 91

  • 2019 - Yearbook of the Best Wines 2019 - Luca Maroni
    CERIDA 2016 – IP: 91 - C: 32 – E: 30 – I: 29 – O – H: 10.000 – K: Sangiovese

  • 2017 - The Wines of Veronelli 2017
    Excellent review by the 2017 Veronelli Guide.
    The wines of the Fattoria il Casalone were judged to be between the best and the excellent.The evaluation of the reviewed wines takes place through a scale in cents. Each score attributed is preceded by the initials of the editor who formulated it. In the event that a wine has been tasted by both curators, the highest evaluation is reported. The presence of the initials of both indicates that the editors have expressed an identical opinion. G.B. Gigi Brozzoni - D.T. Daniel Thomases
    CERIDA D.O.C - Tuscan Maremma Sangiovese - Evaluation: Excellent wine

  • 2016 - Yearbook of the Best Wines 2016 - Luca Maroni
    ".. The Maremma at its highest levels of aroma brightness ... The clear integrity of the aroma of the black cherry jam from CERIDA 2013.

  • 2015 - Decanter Asia World Wine Awards 2015
    The CERIDA, Sangiovese 2013 from Fattoria il Casalone, has been judged by the best wine professionals from all over the world in the most complete and authoritative wine competitions in the world, and has been awarded with honors.
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