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.. the perfect combination of climate, geographical location and originality of the land ..

Facing the eastern lagoon of Orbetello, Fattoria il Casalone is located along the coastal strip of the magnificent Tuscan Maremma.
In an area of bespoke beauty, where the gaze meets the vastness of the sea and the splendour of a tranquil yet wild land, the union between the earth and vine is extraordinary.

A green oasis, where the proximity to the sea and the presence of reliefs to protect the north-east side allow a mild climate in winter; whilst summer months see drier conditions mitigated by precious sea breezes.
In the final period of ripening the grapes, the nights are cool and the significant temperature range guarantees optimal conditions for the accumulation processes, most importantly the aromatic substances.

The Cucchetto and Poggio Colombi vines are located in higher plots, sloping down towards the sea. Loamy and sandy soils, deep, with a loose-clay texture, are rich in skeleton and have excellent drainage.
This particular type of soil is suitable for clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot – varieties that give soft and fragrant wines with divine character.

Closer to the sea, vineyards have a sandier soil, with very fine and light pebbles capable of giving greater aromas to the wines. Such magnesium-rich soils are ideal for Vermentino and Viognier, giving our Leopoldino and Pitorsino a magnificent structure.


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