Alcool 13.5%
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Tuscan Maremma - Fattoria il Casalone Orbetello Scalo, Grosseto

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Viognier 100%
The manual harvest takes place at the end of August.


In the absence of oxygen there is gentle squeezing. The must is cooled and decanted.
Maturation in French barriques for 9 months. Refinement then occurs in the bottle.


Straw yellow with gold nuances. Complete the olfactory set of lemon and cedar cream, peach blossom, acacia, cantaloupe and grapefruit melon, mottled with vanilla and honey. Deliciously mouthwateringwatering, fresh and soft at the same time, punctual in the olfactory returns.


Bordeaux bottle. Boxes of 6 bottles.
Limited production of 4,000 bottles. Bottle size: 0.75 l


Serve at 12-14 °C
It accompanies appetizers, fish dishes, white meats, cheeses and spicy dishes of Oriental cuisine.

il Viognier

Viognier is a white grape variety originating from the Rhône Valley.
It resists drought but in many respects it is difficult to cultivate; it requires great knowledge and is very sensitive to albugin and powdery mildew.

Its grapes yield very little and must be harvested quickly.
It produces a wine with a singular scent of peach, apricot, white violet, honey and spices. The taste is rich, soft and of measured tension.

  • 2022 - Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2023 - Luca Maroni
    PITORSINO VIOGNIER IGT 2020 - Tasting Date September 19th, 2022 - C: 32 – E: 32 – I: 30 - IP: 94
    "The Pitorsino Viognier Igt 2020 is a great wine, one of the roundest, sunniest whites of Tuscany, powerful in their balanced and clear spiciness.Chapeau."

  • 2020 - Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2020 - Luca Maroni
    PITORSINO 2018 - IP: 96- C: 31 – E: 32 – I: 33 - “Best Viognier  in Italy”
    “In Italy there is no pure Viognier fermented in new wood like the 2018 Pitorsino. A dense cream of pear and ripe grape essence, cedar, pistachio and oak saffron made with a lymphatically spiced sweetness proactive.”

  • 2019 - Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2019 - Luca Maroni
    The Best Wine: PITORSINO 2017 - IP: 97 Consistency: 32 - Balance: 32 - Integrity: 33
    Sensations: its peach, floral, crystalline and persuasively spicy fruit dominates the perfume. It lights up high, and so it always follows, gaining breath, clarity, light. A continuum driven by the rare richness in pulp, by the vivid strength in alcohol content, as well as self-powered by the virtuous and rare, absolute sharpness of transformation. The native grape of excellent maturity: persuasive, yet still vegetally, aromatically alive. The minty spices of oak to glaze the fragrance of the profile. Not burnished or attenuated by oenological flaws or too much sun. Indeed, its aroma and taste, the fruity and exotic varietal of this expressive grape species, makes it truly alive, and turgidly stainless. Rare fact for this variety in this vintage, which makes its virtuous, intact perfume even higher. An absolute out of class of great density and softness, the result of superior viticulture and enology. One of the best whites in Italy.
    Impressions of the manufacturer: Our beloved Viognier Pitorsino continues to improve to our great delight. It has perfectly adapted to our Maremma terroir, expressing a fullness of aromas and fragrances that will amaze the most demanding consumer.
    “PITORSINO 2017 presented by Pepi Lignana - Fattoria Il Casalone is a spectacular white with very high analytical-sensorial compositional skills. A wine that ennobles the producer (as a winegrower and transformer enologist), Viognier and the Tuscan Maremma, a land where this variety finds majestic and powerful splendor in such a creamy thickness. A masterpiece of nature and cellar that renders every ounce of varietal aroma of the native raw material coated with the sweetest glaze of the purest elevation oak."

  • 2018 - Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2018 - Luca Maroni
    PITORSINO Awarded 3rd Best White Wine
    THE BEST WINE: PITORSINO 2016 - IP: 96 - Consistency: 31 - Balance: 33 - Integrity: 32
    A real show conducted by Luca Maroni, with musical moments and artistic representations to reward the best producers present in the yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2018, in the presence of the specialized press, opinion leaders, VIPs, celebrities, institutions, political class / manager of the capital and the country.
    Sensations: truly its olfactory uvosity is of undisturbed and first sweetness: the apricot, the sweet banana shines, the persuasive pear expands in its virgin scent. The sharpness of the olfactory vein of fruit and spices is simply almost perfect: at the base grapes without any stain, therefore winemaking with philological, natural rigor.
    Man: the average between senses and nature, without any interference and / or distortion.
    Without artare, in respect, in love, in respect of production factors. Technique reflecting the first true excellence of the raw material. Pure aroma of dense, ripe fruit. A wine of exceptional oxidative integrity that its very delicate content expresses it of clarity and turgidity, of softness and tasteful persuasion without borders.
    Among the best whites of the year. Chapeau.

    Information: N – j29/06/17 – lB – h 3.000 – k Viognier
    Impressions of the producer: “this wine continues to give us great satisfaction. It lends itself to many important combinations, but personally I find it exceptional with oysters."
    Luca Maroni : "PITORSINO 2016 by Pepi Lignana - Fattoria Il Casalone is confirmed as one of the best white wines in Italy. A wine that, although of rare, elective extractive richness, in the senses impresses itself even more for its transformative purity oenology, for the perfect succession of softness, acidity and tannin to the profuse taste with maximum expressive softness. Its banana and pear pulp is spectacular, mixed with the minty sweetness of oak and so balsamic and expressive persuasion."

  • 2017 - I Vini di Veronelli 2017
    PITORSINO I.G.T. – Tuscan Viognier - 2015 (G.B.) 88 – Evaluation: Excellent wine.
    Excellent review by the 2017 Veronelli Guide.
    The wines of the Il Casalone farm were judged to be between the best and the excellentThe evaluation of the reviewed wines takes place through a scale in cents.
    Each score attributed is preceded by the initials of the editor who formulated it.
    In the event that a wine has been tasted by both curators, the highest evaluation is reported. The presence of the initials of both indicates that the editors have expressed an identical opinion.The star rating is linked to the most recent evaluation in cents received by the wine: Wine Good Wine Excellent Wine.

  • 2016 - Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2016 - Luca Maroni
    The Best Wines: PITORSINO 2014
    Heartfelt congratulations to Pepi Lignana - Fattoria Il Casalone which gives us an absolute champion of international value.
    "Maremma at its highest levels of aroma brightness!
    The best of all is PITORSINO 2014. A Viognier that like no other in Italy this year expresses its wonderful florality, its dense and mellow, sumptuous palatal and varietal softness. With a sweetness of fruit and spice balms that lymphatic shines free of any oxidation. Chapeau."
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