Alizée 2021 - First Vintage

ALIZÉE 2021 - DOC Tuscan Maremma Rosé Sangiovese - First Vintage!

A new label is born in the PEPI LIGNANA winery, it is ALIZÉE, the first rosé wine produced in the company.

Pepi Lignana tells us about this new label.

"Perhaps a certain mental reluctance of mine to transform a red grape into a rosé wine, closer to white wines than red ones, had kept us away from that specific market.
But in the end our beautiful Sangiovese vineyard with its scented grape and clear market demand led us to make our first Rosé: Alizée.
The first fermentation gave a good result and the wine was appreciated by both the first Guides and our first customers.
Naturally the first vinification taught us many things that we put to good use in the subsequent harvest of 2022, always convinced to seek continuous improvement.
The new wine has given us the theme of giving it a name.
The choice was Alizée with a good assonance with Rosé, following the tradition of giving some wines the name of family sailing boats such as “Cerida” and “Don Josè” with their significant history.

Alizee Pepi Lignana Wine
Alizee Giraglia

Alizée is a beautiful sailboat that one year won the famous Giraglia Regatta and as such deserved “its” wine… given the family's passions for sailing for several generations."

If Alizée was a lucky name for a sail, let it be a lucky name for a good Rosé too!

rose alizee pepi lignana wine

ALIZÉE 2021 - DOC  Tuscan Maremma Rosé Sangiovese
Grapes Sangiovese 100% - Alcool 13,0% - Total acidity 5.5 g / l - Dry extract 21 g / l

    In the absence of oxygen, there is gentle squeezing.
    The must is cooled and decanted at 15 ° C.
    Aged for 7 months with noble lees, followed by refinement in the bottle.

  • TASTING - First Vintage 2021 
    Bright pink color, the nose shows notes of small fresh red fruit and light citrus notes. In the mouth it is fresh, savory, with great balance with a persistent and gratifying finish.

    Serve at 8 - 10 ° C.
    Ideal with Fish dishes, even very tasty, excellent as an Aperitif to accompany Meats, Cheeses and traditional Tuscan first courses.

    Number of bottles produced 5,000.

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