The visit of Luca Grippo

Today together with our oenologist Nicola Berti we had the pleasure of welcoming Luca Grippo to our company.

Luca Grippo, Ais Professional Sommelier, Bibenda Master Class Sommelier, Aiso Oil Sommelier, Judge of the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles" and renowned Journalist of Wines and EVO, visited us to deepen the knowledge of our territory and our reality of our winery.

Luca Grippo Visita Pepi Lignana Wine 5
Luca Grippo Visita Pepi Lignana Wine 1
Luca Grippo Visita Pepi Lignana Wine 3
Luca Grippo Visita Pepi Lignana Wine 2

After a walk in the vineyard listening to the voice of the vine that runs over the sea in the silence of our countryside, an expression of our unique and unrepeatable Maremma terroir, the visit continued in the cellar becoming more and more interesting and exciting. Finally, an exciting tasting of our labels with the precious comments of Luca Grippo.

Luca Grippo tells ..

"It had been a long time since I made a stop in Orbetello, in Maremma, in front of Monte Argentario, where the image of the vineyards that project towards the sea is already in itself an essential element to be enchanted: an extraordinary land, where the vine is enlivened by the sea wind that refreshes and protects it.
Here I met Pepi Lignana, a distinguished man who faces life in the noblest way. Charming person who appears so tied to family values ​​and the joys of life, that he replied with such elegance to my questions about his vineyards and the wonder of his countryside, and who shows finesse and experience in the stories of his existence spent working around for the world.
Interpreting art in a wine, in this case Don José, a Cabernet Franc dedicated to him, appears in this way even simpler, for the beauty that the winemaker has put in the glass, of one of the most interesting reds I tasted this year."

Dr. Luca Grippo

 luca grippo visita pepi lignana wine 4

Let's taste with Luca Grippo!

Don José 2018 Pepi Lignana - DOC Maremma Toscana Cabernet Franc
Ruby red color faded on the edges. The aromatic map is rich in the sensations of wild berries and elegant memories of cedar wood, floral mix and hints of marine scrub, tobacco and noble vegetable stitching. Great character on the sip, where it properly recalls the aromas, showing off a well-forged tannin wrapped in copious softness. The finish is a long succession of spicy and vegetable aromas.

Pitorsino 2019 Pepi Lignana – DOC Maremma Toscana Viognier
Gold color and copious texture. An impactful aromatic richness is offered with sunny memories of tropical fruit and peach, yellow melon, citrus and mimosa, in a framework of sweet spice fragrances that soften the essence. The taste, well responsive and balanced, expands with brilliant freshness and sapidity; it closes with a pleasant almond note which completes the persistence.


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