Spazio Amato - by Massimo Uberti

Our Wines protagonists of the event organized by Hypermaremma on the occasion of the re-lighting of the neon artwork "Spazio Amato" by Massimo Uberti.

For several years our company has actively participated in the territory by supporting cultural initiatives that are the expression of this magical land that is the Tuscan Maremma.
Our wines, the result of an extraordinary land, where the vine is enlivened by the sea wind that refreshes and protects it, are very much an expression of our Maremma terroir, unique and unrepeatable!

Spazio Amato Hypermaremma Pepi Lignana Wine 1
Spazio Amato Hypermaremma Pepi Lignana Wine 2
Spazio Amato Hypermaremma Pepi Lignana Wine 3

The collaboration with Hypermaremma 

Collaboration with Hypermaremma, a Social Promotion Association whose vision is to leave a sustainable footprint through the awareness and promotion of art, began this year.
Through the intervention of contemporary artists, invited to relate to the territory and its history, a reinterpretation of the landscape and the unique atmospheres that have made the Maremma one of the most attractive areas for cultured tourism and its welcoming community is triggered.

Re-lighting of Massimo Umberti's work "Spazio Amato"

Today, Friday 8 July, the re-lighting of Massimo Uberti's neon work "Spazio Amato" was celebrated with our wines, the first semi-permanent intervention which, respecting the life cycle of the WWF Lake Burano Oasis, located in the territory of Terre di Sacra.

As a tribute to the installation, the artist has created two exclusive editions for Hypermaremma in a limited edition.
The proceeds from the editions will be used to support future projects for the area.


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