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A message from Pepi Lignana
A message from Pepi Lignana

a new generation of winemakers

“We have been winemakers since 1960; with a great passion for our work and land, our family business continues to grow and renew, working in the name of artistry and eco-sustainability.
For three generations, we have grasped every nuance of the precious combination of man’s work, nature and territory to create an array of stylish wines and terroir that are highly appreciated by enthusiasts.
Since then, we have witnessed this remarkable land, located along the coastal strip of the Tuscan Maremma, facing the eastern lagoon of Orbetello. A unique territory, subject to environmental protection, which delivers the wines with spectacular qualities and aromas.”

our Wines

our Wines

Generous & Expressive

Our DOC wines are the precious voice of the Tuscan Maremma… a sweet and generous land that delivers the wines particular qualities of pleasure and elegance. Behold wines that are champions of capturing the taste and immersing you in the unique Mediterranean terroir of the Maremma Coast.

the Cellar

the Cellar

come Visit

Following the only best procedures, the vinification method we use preserves the intrinsic heritage of the grapes. We welcome visitors to discover our secrets and savour the taste of our wines. Come and visit us in the cellar, endeavour the flavours of our fine wines; wines that are the result of niche production, great desire and attentive respect for nature.

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the vineyards

the Vineyards

16 hectares of Vines

Holding dedication to high quality wine production high on our agenda, our vineyards are home to prestigious native grapes, such as Sangiovese and Vermentino, and international clones that blossom in partnership with the territory, such as solar Viognier, the elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, the divine Cabernet Franc and the jovial Petit Verdot.

the Wine Shop

the Wine Shop

exclusive Privileges

Set foot in the most concealed part of our history… reserved only for the most privileged guests.
Taste and be enchanted by the unique sensations of our wines…
Discover the history and philosophy behind each bottle…
Access exclusive promotions and bottles of great vintages and special sizes

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an Oasis of Relaxation

Hospitality for the Lignana family is sacred. This is why our guests feel at home with us! In a setting of unique nature, immersed in an estate of 300 hectares, only a stone’s throw from the beautiful coasts of Argentario, we provide large, homely apartments with outdoor spaces and a swimming pool as well as luxurious farmhouses of various sizes.
There’s something for everyone.

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