Vineyards & Wine

The estate consists of about 300 ha. In the early 60s we had 12 hectares of vineyards and we were among the first to experience, in addition to traditional clones (Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Ansonica), Cabernet Sauvignon and Vermentino, which have given very interesting results in our area influenced by the proximity to the sea . We further replanted 11 hectares of vineyards then entered into full production in year 2001.

Currently 14 hectar of the farm are dedicated to hight quality wine production. A surface of 6 hectares is cultivated with Vermentino and Viognier vine varieties.

Research continues on the quality of the Clones, with particular attention to how the native sangiovese, that makes our vineyards capable of expressing at each harvest, the best result in terms of quality grapes intense and high profile.

The vineyards are registered in the Land Registry as:
IGT Vermentino Toscana, DOC Cabernet Sauvignon Maremma toscana, DOC Sangiovese Maremma Toscana, IGT Viogner Toscana.

The harvest is strictly manual selection of the grapes in the field.

The proximity to the sea and the presence of hills to protect the north eastern side of the territory ensure mild winter temperature and dry in summer tempered by sea breezes. During the fine grape ripening period night are cool and the significant temperature range guarantees optimum conditions for build up processes, particularly of aromatic substances.
The Cucchetto and Poggio Colombi vineyards are located on higher ground that slopes down towards the sea.

The soil is made up of silt and sand, with a clay loam rich in skeleton, a good depth and excellent drainage. It is particularly suited to grow the Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot clones, planted to obtain soft, fragranced wines with a good structure.
The soil of the vineyards nearest to the sea is made up of sand and gravel which imparts greater fragrance to the wine. Rich in magnesium this soil is perfect for growing Vermentino and Viognier wines.
Wines are planted at a distance of 2.20×0.80 meters, a high density planting of 5680 stocks per hectar.

The selective yield is equal to almost 60 quintals of grapes per hectare. The training system is spurred cordon with few buds per plant.
The limited number of buds per plant, the high density planting and limited fertilization leads to perfect balance between leaves and the fruit which produces a higher concentration and intensity of fragrances, polyphenols and sugars.

Our method of vinification follows the best practices for the conservation of the intrinsic grapes.
For white grapes squeezing pneumatic soft, a decantation of the must flower at low temperature in an oxygen free environment followed by a slow fermentation at 14 ° C; for red wines stemming and crushing and fermentation at higher temperatures, more controlled.
We choose vats and barrels of quality and we put
Agriconsulting.maximum care into bottling and subsequent storage in healthy environments at controlled temperature.

The company has always worked with a philosophy of high quality care under the Agronomists Curtaz Federico and Stefano Bartolomei and winemaker Paul Caciorgna. In addition, the company is advised by the consultant.