Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Pepi Lignana

always on the side of the Environment
Land recovery and Resource renewal

Every day we work responsibly to leave an environment even more resourceful for future generations.
For decades, we have been following the path of eco-sustainability and the recovery of the territory with a use that does not diminish, allowing a continuous renewal of its resources.

In order to have a lower impact on the environment, those who produce and he final consumer, in the vineyard, we apply integrated agriculture regulations to reduce the number of chemical products used. Additionally, from 2020 we are under the ‘BIO Conversion’ regime.

Our sustainable ethics involve the production of energy from renewable sources, in fact, we use a 35 kw photovalvic system (the maximum allowed in the area subject to environmental protection constraints), installed in the company, which provides for our energy needs.

The conservation of the landscape and the protection of the territory are primary objectives of Fattoria il Casalone.
Interventions are methodically implemented to enrich the soil, through natural fertilisers, produced by us, optimal management of the network of canals, designed to prevent erosive and alluvial phenomena and controlled cutting of the forest as well as cultivation of ‘disposable’ crops aimed at protecting wildlife.

To preserve the indigenous breed of Maremma cattle we have created a herd of 40 heads, which live in the wild, on 200 hectares of hilly pastures and woods.

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Vacche Maremmane Fattoria Il Casalone
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