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Don José

100% Cabernet Franc - Alcohol 14,5%
With Don Josè the desire to express the exceptional qualities of our land has come true. The aristocratic red from Cabernet Franc grapes dedicated to Giuseppe Lignana, the beating heart of the company, fully reflects the elegant and charismatic character of Pepi, a man of the past who has always been at the forefront. You will be charmed by the wealth of details of the scents and taste of this unique and unforgettable champion.

Yield 70 hundred kilograms per hectare
Manual harvest
Harvest period between mid and late September
Production limited to 6,000 bottles per year

1 "Don José" Box VINTAGE 2018 - 6 Bordeaux bottles of 75 Cl
Cost per 75 Cl Bottle– 15,50 €
Cost per Box - 93,00 € 

Sales price 18,00 €
3,25 €


in the Cellar

The must has a vinification time of 10 days, with continuous pumping over aimed at an optimal extraction of color and aromas.
The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels where it matures for over 18 months in contact with its fine lees before being blended and bottled.

It is then refined further for at least 9 months in the bottle.


organoleptic Characteristics

Ruby mantle faded at the edges.
Refined nose, it lets out intoxicating aromas of wild fruits, marine scrub, noble vegetal sensations, resin and floral potpourri.
Vigorous mouth, full of pure olfactory references and a silky texture tannin.

Sapid gloss to herald very long persistence on the tongue.


Serve at 18 ° C

Food-Wine Pairing

Tagliatelle with Venison ragout
Pecorino di Pienza aged in barrique
Wild boar chops with sour Cherries
Duck in Porchetta

Our promise
only heartwarming wines

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