Environmental protection

Di Pepi Lignana.

We follow from decades the way of eco-sustainability, both through the production of energy from renewable sources both through the recovery of the territory with a use that does not allow its depletion and allows a continuous renewal of its resources.

The photovoltaic plant of 20 kW (the maximum allowed in the area subject to environmental constraints), installed in the farm, to ensure our energy needs. The farm is also committed in the production of natural fertilizers.
Landscape conservation and land protection are other primary objectives , where interventions are implemented methodically to enrich the soil, where we act optimal management of the network of canals that will prevent erosion and flooding and controlled cutting of the forest , as well as cultivation of crops “to lose” for the protection of wildlife.

We apply disciplinary integrated farming where possible, to reduce the amount of chemicals used.
In order to preserve the native breed of Maremma cattle, we have created a herd of 40 animals, which, under the periodic health checks and the management of our butteri, live in the wild of 300 ha of pasture and forest.